Why use us?

Why use us?

We are qualified in facilitating Family Group Conferences, Restorative Conferences and Mediation. This range of expertise and experience enables us to meet both the needs of each family and of the Local Authority in a flexible way by facilitating where necessary other interventions, such as a Restorative Conference, in situations where a Family Group Conference may not be possible or appropriate in order to support the best possible outcome for the family.

We will ensure that every Family Group Conference referral received is allocated to a named Coordinator within 48 hours. We accept full responsibility for delivering a high-quality service that provides the agreed intervention in a timely and effective manner. Once the referral is acknowledged, we take over the responsibility of contacting the participants and organising the next steps and keep you informed throughout.

We are committed to delivering high-quality work. Rigorous quality assurance, regular supervision, reporting and the guarantee of an allocated Coordinator means better outcomes for families and a better service for the Local Authority and Community.

Supervision is essential to maintain consistency and quality in the work that we facilitate and therefore all our Coordinators have monthly supervision and daily check-ins.

We have particular expertise in the facilitation of Family Group Conferences where domestic abuse is an identified risk factor – with a specific skillset in assessing risk, facilitation and preparing participants to engage in the process. We have developed a range of positive tools to support the work that we facilitate.

We have extensive knowledge of Children’s Services and working in partnership with other agencies, this includes Education, Social Care, Health, Early Help, Edge of Care and court processes. We understand well how Family Group Conferences can inform and support court process and decisions.

We will always capture the voice of the child – it is at the centre of every intervention. We ensure that their voice is always included in the Family Group Conference intervention, supported where appropriate by children’s advocacy.

All coordinators have up to date full DBS Checks and Public Liability Insurance.

The mediation was a huge help in sorting out our arrangements amicably

Thank you for helping us to have an honest conversation and think proactively about our next steps. You did it with professionalism and kindness.