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At Mediation First we think people deserve a better way of settling arguments than battling it out in the courts.

If you’re involved in any dispute - whether it stems from a family conflict such as divorce or separation, a workplace situation, or civil/commercial claim - mediation is a simpler and less expensive solution.

We’re the go-to mediation experts throughout the UK for this fast-growing alternative to the traditional solicitor route. Committed to making mediation accessible to individuals and businesses across the UK, we offer online mediation services to help you resolve conflicts from the comfort of your own location.

By seeing the whole picture – not just one side or the other – our mediation services work to resolve disputes quickly and keep costs to a minimum. Contact us today to schedule a mediation session or to learn more about our services.

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Our mediation services

Explore our full range of mediation services. Our mediators offer support online and throughout the UK for a variety of family,couples and business disputes - helping those in conflict sort out their dispute and move forward in life.

family mediation

Family mediation

Sort out your disputes with our professional family mediation services. We help you resolve separation and divorce settlements, child arrangements, financial agreements and other family matters.

Family mediation

mediation: children

Children mediation

Give your children the best start in life following your separation with a solution that works for all the family. Our child and parenting mediation experts help you with child custody, childcare arrangements, and other matters. We also have expert Child Inclusive Mediators who have been specially trained to talk to your children as part of the mediation process. Move forwards with the help of our mediators.

Children mediation

mediation: family property & finance

Property and finance mediation

Sort out property and financial disputes with the help of our professional mediators. We help resolve disputes between separating and divorcing couples who want to find a fair and workable solution to all the property and financial issues. Move on with our mediation experts.

Property and finance mediation

Civil and commercial mediation

Solve commercial disputes the cost effective way with professional mediation services. Our mediators work with people and businesses in dispute, resolving your differences through negotiation. Settle your commercial disputes with expert mediation.

Civil and commercial mediation

mediation: workplace

Workplace mediation

Settle workplace disputes with the help of expert mediators. We help with disputes between employees, issues arising from grievance or disciplinary proceedings, unfair treatment including harassment and bullying, payment issues and more. Get started with workplace mediation.

Workplace mediation

Wills, Probate and Inheritance mediation

Wills, Probate and Inheritance mediation

Disputes following the death of a loved one can be particularly upsetting. Our mediators can help you navigate and resolve these issues in a sensitive and cost effective manner. Start the process of wills, probate and inheritance mediation.

Wills, probate & inheritance mediation

online mediation

Online mediation

Our experts help you settle your diputes online. We offer online mediation services to help you solve your differences virtually and settle disputes from the comfort of your own home. Ideal for situations where face-to-face communication is contentious.

Online mediation

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Case studies

Explore a range of case studies from Mediation First. Understand how mediation could help you, by understanding how it has helped so many others. Read mediation case studies in:

What our clients say

We are proud to have helped many people resolve their differences with professional mediation services. For the majority of our clients,mediation has helped them come to a conclusion within just a few sessions.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what our clients have to say.

Very helpful,supportive and thorough. You made athe process so much easier for us. Thank you.

Vicki's guidance was invaluable in helping me and my ex-husband to reach a financial settlement. The process culminates in a solicitor-supported session in which the keyareas of disagreement were resolved and this became the foundation for the consent order.

Laura was friendly, professional and approachable. She helped maintain a calm and collaborative environment for us. We were able to reflect and discuss the future in a supportive and safe way. I cannot thank Laura enough for her sessions with us, we achieved an outcome together which I didn't dream was possible. We entered the process not communicating at all, and ended up positively co parenting.

I thought Karen was great, very measured and considered in her approach which helped us also be that.

Considering I didn't know what tp expect and had my reservations about mediation, I thought the service was brilliant. Georgina was amazing from start to finish. Professional, understanding, patient, helpful with good suggestions, a talent for interpretation and listening skills - all the good values you would expect and need in a mediator.

Why choose mediation?

At Mediation First, we understand that resolving conflicts can be a challenging and stressful experience. Unlike the adversarial nature of court proceedings, mediation offers a compassionate and client-centred approcach to dispute resolution.

This makes it the preferred choice for a number of reasons. Mediation is:

  • Cost-effective: save significant timeand money by choosing mediation, avoiding the financial toll of court fees.
  • Private and confidential: your privacy is safeguarded in mediation,ensuring sensitive matters stay private.
  • Client-centred: mediation focuses on helping you understand your options and find mututally agreeable solutions.
  • Cooperative: mediation fosters understanding and cooperation, preserving vlauable personal and professional relationships that court battles often strain.

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