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Workplace mediation is a quick and cost-effective way to resolve workplace and employment conflict. Sometimes referred to as informal dispute resolution, workplace mediation is used as an alternative route to grievance, discipline procedures and employment tribunals.

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Our workplace mediators help turn arguments into agreements, with sessions held by a trained, neutral mediator. This means that both parties are listened to and given the opportunity to put their points across, facilitating constructive dialogue that works towards a mutually agreed resolution.

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Why use workplace mediation?

Conflict at work is sometimes unavoidable. Differences of opinion can be stimulating and creative but they can also lead to workplace disputes which can be harmful to your employees, your business and your brand.

Workplace mediation is a means of tackling such disputes head on to secure a speedy resolution to issues before they escalate beyond control.

Mediation can be used to tackle a number of common workplace disputes including:

  • Breakdown of a working relationship between individuals or teams
  • Issues arising from grievance or disciplinary proceedings
  • Allegations of bullying or harassment
  • Salary or contract disputes
  • Senior Management / Board level conflict
  • Highlight issues to improve behaviour, attitude and communication

Do you have an employment or workplace issue outside these areas? Please get in touch with our team to find out how we can help your dispute, or explore our other mediation services.

Online workplace mediation

Established since 2003, we are one of the leading providers of mediation in the UK. We offer online workplace mediation, so that you can mediate from anywhere in the country. This is an ideal solution for work colleagues who work in different locations. individuals who would prefer to mediate without being together in the same room. Online mediation also means you minimise disruption to the working day as you remove the need for travel and waiting times.

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How does workplace mediation work?

Every workplace mediation case is different. We tailor our sessions to the needs of each party, ensuring that everybody involved feels as comfortable as possible. Here’s how our workplace mediation services typically work:

  1. 1. Contact our mediators

    Start by getting in touch with our mediators. We’ll appoint a specialist workplace mediator to understand the issues and to work out the best model to help you deal with the dispute. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of the cost of the mediation at this point.
  2. 2. Individual Private Meetings

    All parties must agree to take part in workplace mediation before the process can go ahead. The mediator will liaise with the participants and set up an individual private and confidential session with each participant. At that meeting, the mediator will listen to each individual’s concerns to really understand the problem from different perspectives and answer any questions about the process.
  3. 3. Workplace mediation session

    The mediator will bring the participants together to talk, listen and collaborate. The mediator will ensure each person feels able to say all that they need to say. We will help everyone involved reach a mutually agreed outcome by encouraging with constructive, solution-focussed fair conversation between the participants.
  4. 4. Find solutions

    Our aim is to help workplaces and employees move forward with confidence. Speak to our team to learn how we can help with employment and workplace disputes.

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What are the benefits?

Workplace mediation is a direct and speedy way to resolve the situation so that legal costs, down-time and employee absence are avoided. It is a hugely effective alternative to lengthy, costly and adversarial approaches to dispute resolution, such as court cases or tribunals.

Established since 2003, we are one of the leading providers of mediation in the country. This gives you the peace of mind and reassurance that we have retained our expert position through outstanding service, satisfactory outcomes and strong recommendations. Workplace mediation is:

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Less formal
  • Confidential
  • Flexible
  • Voluntary

I do not think the service can be improved. I was impressed by the skill and clarity of thought of the mediator

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Prevention vs. cure

Most organisations approach us because they are faced with a workplace conflict that requires immediate attention. But think of the benefits to your business if you had been able to resolve the dispute at an earlier stage.

In addition to case specific mediation consultancy, we are also able to offer in-house mediation awareness training. Working with you and your designated employees, we can provide support to build a culture of ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’. The benefits of such an approach are clear to see. Your business will then maintain control and have the skills in-house to minimise potential disputes.

  • Improve employee attitude, communication and engagement
  • Reduce absences and disengagement relating to conflict
  • Improve motivation and productivity

Our highly experienced and accredited mediators have successfully worked with both large and small organisations including various departments within the NHS, regional police forces, various charities and care organisations, as well as a number of small companies.

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Or, find more information below in our FAQ section.

Workplace Mediation: Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about the Workplace Mediation process. If you have any other questions – be sure to raise them with your mediator at the earliest opportunity.

What Can I Expect from Workplace Mediation?  

Mediators will aim to make your session as comfortable as possible, within the difficult circumstances. We understand that the process can be anxiety inducing, and our mediators are highly qualified, experienced, and trained to help you feel at ease throughout the process, and focus on the end goal.

Your workplace mediator will:

  • Help you understand how the mediation process works, what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Clarify that your session is confidential and private.
  • Spend time with you individually to really understand from each person’s perspective what has gone wrong.
  • Act as a neutral party – our employment mediators are impartial, conducting sessions in a way that ensures equal opportunity for everyone’s voice to be heard.
  • Work with all those involved to find a practical solution to allow everyone to move forward.

Where will my workplace mediation take place?  

Mediation First is able to host workplace mediations in different locations depending on your needs. In addition to our own offices based in the South West, we can also travel to you. If you have rooms available in your facilities, this is a good way to minimise disruption to you and your staff. Or, we can also arrange an off-site location with the appropriate notice. We also offer online mediation, reducing even further any need to take more time away from work than is absolutely necessary.

An overall positive experience. Well done on a great company and service

How long does the workplace mediation process take?  

This depends on the nature of your case. In many cases – a workplace dispute can be resolved within a day. Once you have discussed the case with your mediator, we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of how many sessions you’ll need. If we think your case will take longer than a day, we’ll let you know at the start of the process to allow you to plan accordingly.

We aim to resolve issues as quickly as possible, and will monitor the progress of each case against the planned timescale and check in to review progress. If needed, we can discuss any additional measures that will help parties move towards a solution.

I found the service very professional and efficient

What’s the format of workplace mediation?  

Every case is different, so we tailor each mediation session to the specifics of the case and the needs of the situations and participants involved, as opposed to taking a fixed generic approach. That’s why we take time at the start of each case to get acquainted with the dispute and the people involved.

Each person involved in the workplace dispute has a separate initial meeting with the mediator to explain the problem from their point of view, and what they would like to achieve from the sessions. Mediators will take this opportunity to explain the process, and reassure people that the process will be fair and balanced. Once both parties have got everything “off their chest” and are confident the mediator has really understood their concerns, then we move on to a joint/ group mediation.

The mediation was a huge help in sorting out our arrangements amicably

The service was excellent throughout and a most friendly and helpful atmosphere was created. I had doubts about the whole process but they were soon dispelled

How is the outcome of workplace mediation recorded in some way?  

If required and agreed by all the parties involved, a written document can be provided to confirm the points of action and agreements made within the workplace mediation.

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