What does civil & commercial mediation cost?

The costs of a commercial mediation will vary with the dispute. Our fees will depend upon a number of factors such as the value and complexity of the dispute, the amount of preparation required by the mediator, the number of parties and the likely length of the mediation appointment.

However, we aim to be competitive on pricing and are always happy to discuss a potential mediation and agree an appropriate fee. To give you an idea of the level of our fees, for a relatively straightforward two party mediation typical fees would be in the region of:

£700 (plus vat) per party for a 4 hour mediation appointment; and
£1200 (plus vat) per party for a full day mediation appointment

To get an accurate and fixed quote please call us to speak to one of our specialist mediators who will be happy to help. We strive to offer real value for money for our clients through a quality service and competitive fee structure.

The level of service that I had was great. I am very grateful

Helpful and cost effective

Mediation is very easy and helpful. It's also much quicker and cheaper than solicitors