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Move forward with the help of family mediation, available online throughout the UK. We help people facing divorce, separation and other family disputes through sensible and practical discussion. Our philosophy is that communication is better than confrontation.

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Our family mediators help you take control of your future - reaching agreements through constructive negotiations about childcare, finances, property and more. Family mediation is less expensive and more constructive than lengthier and often more complicated legal routes. You’ll be able to talk through your issues without the delay, stress and costs of going to court.

At Mediation First, our team are highly experienced in a range of family mediation matters, led by John and Vicki, both of whom have over 25 years of mediation expertise. Our experts help you settle your issues the simpler and more common sense way, with online mediation sessions available for added convenience.

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Turn arguments into agreements

Our family mediators not only help you find a workable solution, they also help you make it legally fair and binding. We provide you with the relevant family law information to guide you through what can be a very unfamiliar process. Understand your issues through the eyes of the law so that you can ensure an achievable outcome and move on.

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Issues we help with

We are passionate about helping you settle disputes without having to battle it out in the courts. Here’s how we can help you.

Separation and divorce

Divorce can be a stressful experience for both parties involved, and facing this in a court environment only makes it more complicated. Our family mediation services take the stress off your hands, helping divorced couples reach agreements in an impartial, private and confidential setting.

Childcare arrangements

Nobody wants their children to feel distressed during a divorce or separation. Research proves that the way a separation is handled has a profound impact on children’s wellbeing, not only in the short term, but also as they grow older.

Family mediation helps you focus on what’s best for your child’s future, facilitating constructive sessions designed to help couples decide on the most suitable outcome for their children. Find out more about children mediation.

Property and finance

Some of the first questions people ask themselves during divorce are about how they’ll afford to live and where they’ll live once separated.

These thoughts can feel overwhelming, but our family mediators are here to help. From providing family law information to determining which options might work for you, we help you find an achievable financial arrangement. Find out more about property and finance mediation.

Have a family issue outside these areas? Speak to our team to see how we can help.

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Why choose mediation?

Less expensive

Family mediation is a cost-effective way to reach an agreement in family and divorce matters. The legal costs of going to court can be excessive – especially in lengthier family law battles. The co-operative nature of family mediation is designed to identify practical solutions as quickly and effectively as possible, helping keep costs low.

More constructive

Family law mediation focuses on constructive, co-operative decisions. Our family mediators facilitate timely and sensible communication between both parties, helping you settle disputes quicker and understand your choices in the presence of an expert.

Simpler than legal routes

Avoid the complications of court and maintain control in a private and confidential setting. Not only does minimising the use of courts save you time and money, it also saves you a lot of stress.

How does family mediation work?

At Mediation First, our methods to family mediation are tried and tested. Here’s how it works.

Contact our mediators

Start by getting in touch with our mediators to arrange your mediation information and assessment meeting (MIAM). We’ll assess how mediation could help you solve your dispute and inform you of the next steps. We can also assess if you might be eligible for legal aid or help with your fees through the Ministry of Justice’s mediation voucher scheme.

Write to the other party

If you decide mediation is worth trying, we’ll need consent from the other party to take part in joint mediation sessions. We can help advise on the best way to approach this when writing to the other party. Once both parties have agreed to proceed, we’ll arrange a joint mediation session at a date that works for you.

Joint mediation session

Before your mediation session can begin, you’ll both sign an Agreement to Mediate document. During the session, your family mediator will assist you in sharing your concerns, options and solutions - gathering the right information to help you come to a mutually acceptable way forward. Most sessions are carried out online, providing full convenience for you to mediate from the comfort of your home.

Find solutions

Our aim is to help you resolve your disputes and find the best possible resolution to your issues. We listen to both sides of the story, addressing the issues at hand instead of attributing blame. Our mediators keep the discussion moving forward, encouraging practical conversations with effective outcomes.

To conclude the process, we draft summary documentation to provide you and your former partner with clear and easily understandable points. Our focus is on ensuring that your arrangements made in mediation are comprehensive, leaving no room for confusion between you and your ex-partner.

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Settle your disputes the cost and time effective way with family mediation. To get started or find out more, get in touch via phone, email, or our online contact form.

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Family mediation voucher scheme - £500 towards mediation costs

The Family Mediation Voucher Scheme offers support of up to £500 (inclusive of VAT) towards the cost of mediation, for those who are eligible. Eligibility for the mediation voucher scheme is assessed in a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM), where a trained mediator evaluates the issues for suitability and voucher scheme criteria. Please note that not all cases qualify for the scheme.

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Our family mediation team

Our family mediators bring a wealth of experience from backgrounds in family, child, financial and property law. Our team guides you through the process with empathy, and are passionate about achieving best results for clients; helping you move forward with confidence.

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What our clients say

A brilliant experience. The approach from the mediators was professional yet relaxed, it created a comfortable environment to discuss openly and freely.

Karen was fantastic, very fair in her comments and kept us on track. She went above and beyond to make sure that we had all the documents we needed to complete our divorce and we appreciate her hard work.

Jill was brilliant, and very skilful in helping my ex husband and I, who have very different ways of interacting with our kids, come to a mutual agreement as to a way forward that enabled our children to feel heard.

Family mediation FAQs

What does family mediation involve?  

Family mediation involves facilitated discussions between parties to resolve issues related to divorce, separation, and family disputes. A trained mediator assists in constructive negotiations about childcare, finances, property, and more, promoting communication over confrontation.

Read more about the family mediation process.

Who pays for family mediation?  

The costs of family mediation are typically shared between the parties involved. However, eligibility for financial assistance, including the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, can be assessed during the Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

Learn more about who pays for mediation in our guide.

How long does family mediation take?  

The duration of family mediation varies depending on the complexity of the issues. Mediation is designed to be a more timely alternative to lengthy legal processes, aiming to identify practical solutions as quickly and effectively as possible. Typically, mediation is a quicker process than going through the court.

Find out more about the process in our guide on how long it takes to mediate.

What questions will I be asked in mediation?  

In mediation, you'll be asked to share your concerns, options, and potential solutions. The mediator guides the discussion, encouraging practical conversations and effective outcomes. The focus is on addressing the issues at hand rather than assigning blame. For cases involving children, there’s also the option to include the child with child-inclusive mediation.

What should I prepare for family mediation?  

Prepare by understanding your key concerns and desired outcomes. It’s also a good idea to prepare relevant documentation prior to your session. For example, documents relating to your financial situation to help inform the mediator on realistic options for financial resolutions. Be open to constructive communication and ready to work towards mutually acceptable solutions.

Your mediator will explain everything you need to prepare prior to taking part in mediation. To learn more, read our 9 tips for a successful mediation.

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