Jess Loram


Jess Loram family mediator

Jess joined Mediation First as a trainee mediator in 2020 after working in teaching and support roles in the UK and abroad. Her experiences of teaching English and volunteering with different mental health charities instilled in her a belief in the power of empathic listening and the possibility for productive communication in the face of complicated situations. As a recent graduate of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) endorsed graduate programme Charityworks, she worked for a social care organisation on the implementation and delivery of an HR Information System, and led the marketing campaign for the project. The opportunity to offer families a less expensive and yet effective alternative to the court process of separation motivated Jess to return to a more frontline role helping people find resolutions in times of change.

I was really cynical about mediation, but we were able to discuss difficult issues that would have been impossible on own.