Claire Heller


family mediator - conflict resolution

Claire started her career as a barrister and then worked as a principal lawyer for the childcare team of a London borough. She later moved to Somerset and, having a preference for out of court settlements, successfully completed the Resolution training to become a Family Mediator. Since 2011 Claire has worked full time for Mediation First, undertaking a wide range of cases involving both parenting and financial issues. Claire is dedicated to providing a professional and constructive service within a safe setting and to achieve a positive outcome for all parties. Claire has a particular interest in mediating cases with an international element, such as parental child abduction or wrongful retention and contact across international borders. She speaks good Spanish, having lived and worked there formerly.

Claire’s support and diplomacy enabled us to move forward when we thought there was no way

Claire was very professional but showed a great deal of empathy and understanding at a very difficult time. Thank you

Claire made the process as painless as it could be. She was fair to both of us. I also knew she would not let my husband take over the meetings. The fact that there was a neutral but empathetic person in the room helped immensely with the emotional side of mediation